Savannah River Dragway Rules

1. Five miles per hour on SRD property.

2. No one allowed to ride on car.

3. All drivers must wear helmets and seat belts.

4. No cars will be allowed to run if officials detect hazardous leakage on track.

5. All cars that break on the track must pull to the side of the track.

6. Only 2 crew members allowed on starting line with car.

7. All car numbers must be on the right side and rear of car in plain view of tower.

8. Drivers must report to staging when called.

9. Catch-can mandatory for coolant overflow. No anti-freeze please.

10. When drivers want same lane, official will flip a coin for lane choice.

11. Fighting will not be tolerated; you will be asked to leave, possibly locked up and banned from track.

12. All vehicles must have a operating neutral safety switch.

13. All vehicles must have one operating taillight.

14. All vehicles must have a securely mounted fire extinguisher.

15. Touching the center-line or contacting the concrete barriers will result in disqualification. In the event this happens to both competitors, the first or worse rule applies.

16. Only one burnout across the starting line.

17. Red light disqualifies competitor.

18. Four wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory on any bodied car.

19. Mandatory parachute on any car with top-speed faster than 150 mph.

20. Roll-bar mandatory in all cars running 7.00 to 7.35.

21. Roll cage mandatory in all cars running 6.99 or quicker or any car exceeding 135 mph.

22. Seats must be properly braced and bolted to car.

23. Window net mandatory in any full bodied car required by rules to have a roll cage.

24. Batteries must be securely mounted.

25. Master cutoff mandatory on any car with a battery, running 6.39 or quicker, any car 135 mph or if battery is relocated to the trunk area.

26. Driver restraint - seat belt mandatory in all cars. Three-inch driver restraint system mandatory in any car running 7.35 or quicker.

27. Neck collar mandatory in all cars running 6.39 or quicker or cars exceeding 135 mph.

28. Protective clothing - shorts, bare legs, tank tops, or bare torsos prohibited. All drivers are required to wear full length pants. Cars running methanol, nitro methane, nitros oxide should be wearing fire protective clothing, including cars running supercharger and turbocharged engines meeting sfi spec 3.2a/15 gloves meeting sfi spec 3.3/5 boots or shoes meeting sfi spec 3.3/5

29. No burn outs in pits, go to end of track before race starts.

30. Please use courtesy when staging, if your opponent does a long burnout don't stage until they are finished then stage together.

31. A reasonable amount of time will be permitted for drivers to stage. The time limit will be determined at the sole and absolute discretion of the official starter. Failure to stage upon the starter's instructions is possible grounds for disqualification.

32. To be a legitimate race winner, a contestant's car must be self-start and self-stage. This rule also applies to single runs. Push-starting or push-staging any vehicle is prohibited. Staging must be done under the vehicle's own engine power.

All NHRA and IHRA rules apply.

Addition to our tire rule: For the 28"/ 29" tire class - Tires allowed are as followed 28" 28"w 29 - 10.5 (No 29"w).

- If any car touches the center line they are disqualified.

- All race cars visiting our track should be inspected by track official we can not police this issue enough so if you have not been inspected please allow us to check your race car off and add you to our IHRA profile list.

- No oil leaks please - No radiator fluid in vehicle - No dirt.

- If you cross lanes do not continue to race please.

- Drivers are responsible for lane choice with a coin toss if this can not be accomplished a track official will appoint lanes at his choice

- If your class has "buy runs" the buy run will carry on until its used- the buy run should not be given to any driver twice

- If any race is to be appealed or any questions about a re-run need to be addressed in the tower as soon as the race is over, the disputing driver has 10 mins after race to appeal the run, if its a re-run it will be done with in 15 mins of the decisions to re-run. the class will not run again until the re-run is done or a driver is disqualified.

With these additions we are going to again ask for all drivers to please think " safety" first.

- Up date seat belts - attach your seat properly - up date helmet - wear fire safety pants/jacket/gloves/shoes - neck brace advised - tighten your seat belt every time - bolt down nitrous bottles - fire extinguisher - properly maintain fuel systems including installation.

In racing we will all witness tragedy and defeat, but its how we deal with these adversities. Its how we prepare before the struggle hits. Its about being knowledgeable in safety and remembering that its not just about you. To all who race let us be a reminder to be safe and remember your opponent and remember the fans who are usually only feet away from the action. Let our track be that reminder to be safe., Be the one who climbs out of a destroyed race cars and waves to the fans because you did take the extra steps when building your roll cage and because you did tighten the belts as tight as possible before you run.

Here at "SAVANNAH RIVER DRAGWAY" we strive to have a safe track and trained safety personal on hand at all times. So let this be a friendly reminder to be safe and have fun.